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Bombers has been finding solutions for bitting problems for over 30 years. This Australian-based company has a unique system of color-coding each bit and categorizing their bits into groups for each individual concern or need. The non-metal blue mouthpiece is the signature of Bombers bits and encourages salivation while maintaining warmth so horses are naturally more comfortable wearing the bit.

Bits by color include blue for sensitive tongues and head shakers. Green-coded bits indicate a neutral fit and feel, usually a traditional snaffle style for the horse without any head carriage issues. Yellow bits are for horses who hold their heads up and out to encourage the head to drop down into a more natural position. Orange choices are for just the opposite use. These bits are for those horses who hold their heads too low and out and are used to gently lift the head up. Finally, the specialized bits are coded in red to offer solutions to specific, rare problems such as a reversible link style which can be used gently or more firmly by an experienced rider.

Examples of blue-coded bits include the Happy Tongue which is a solid mouth bit with a gentle port to keep the horse from playing with the bit too much with his tongue. This can include shaking his head, putting the tongue over the bit or even sticking his tongue out. This mouthpiece comes on many styles from full check snaffles to D ring and Pelham bits. The gentle blue mouthpiece will keep the horse’s mouth moist and will not get too cold because the blue piece is not metal.

The neutral, or green collection includes snaffle bits and even alternative mouthpiece options such as the corkscrew which is twisted and grooved for added control and pressure on the bars and tongue.

Yellow-coded bits include the Control Plate style which discourages the horse from pushing back on the bit with his tongue. These bits are designed for proper head carriage and encourage the horse to keep his head down. The French link style is ideal for horses who don’t care for the nutcracker-effect of the standard jointed snaffle and this style adds comfort while maintaining control.

The roller-style of the orange-coded bits increases pressure on the bars and tongue and adds more control for those experienced riders on horses who do not respect a traditional bit. Roller bits are ideal for horses who do not respect the bridle, lean against the bit and keep their heads too low while they are ridden.

Finally, red-coded bits are to be used by seasoned riders and those with the knowledge, expertise and ability to use them properly and safely in order to not injure or damage the horse. The red-coded bits include unusual styles such as the Spinner bit with a center set of rings to keep the horse from getting his tongue over the bit. Cherry roller bits are great for horses who lose sensitivity over time or get bored and need something to play with or even those who are unable to concentrate.

The quality of each color bit is extremely high and each bit is carefully made for durability and to correct a specific problem. Horses wearing Bombers bits are happier, healthier and the rider’s aids are understood more easily and accurately with these quality bits. If Bomber does not have the ideal size or style to suit your needs, they are happy to custom make a bit to your exact specifications. Horze is a proud distributor of this line of quality bits.

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