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Bucas Smartex

Bucas Smartex

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Bucas Smartex - Smart outdoor rugs for ultimate comfort.

Bucas Smartex products combine comfort with durability. The ballistic nylon used to make the turnout rug is extremely durable, waterproof, and breathable. The magnetic snap lock fastener of the Click'n Go system ensures comfortable fastening and makes carabiners unnecessary. This means the rug stays in place and is very comfortable for your horse. Thanks to the Stay-Dry lining, the Bucas Smartex Rug can be placed directly on the wet horse after a strenuous training session or a shower. The material is moisture wicking, allowing your horse to dry quickly. 

Bucas Smartex Rugs 

The Bucas Smartex Rain is a turnout rug without filling that keeps your horse comfortably dry between 0°C and 14°C. The Smartex Turnout Medium with its 150g filling is best suited for a temperature range of -10°C-12°C. For a crisp -20°C to 10°C, it's best to go for the Bucas Smartex Extra with its 300g filling. Like the other Bucas rugs, the Smartex line is also available in a BigNeck version, which is particularly suitable for stallions or breeds with a wide neck.