Cat beds

Cat beds

Cat beds are just the right size for your feline friend. Cat pillows offer a cozy place for a nap all day long. Place a few in the sunshine and wait for your kitty to purr.
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Cat beds offer a peaceful sanctuary for your feline friend.

Cat beds constructed of warm, soft fleece and plush fabric and combined with a thick cushion of foam are the ultimate place for your kitty’s next nap. Add a cat bed to your pet’s favorite sunny spot and watch her curl up and snooze. The cozy design of cat beds from Horze provide a perfect place for your cat to curl up and sleep the day away. Cat beds can keep your furniture and bed clothes fresh while offering your kitty a safe, comfortable place to purr in peace.

Cat pillows provide a soft sleeping space for your pet.

Cat pillows from Horze are soft and welcoming and show your kitty she has a special place to relax and hang out in peace. Cats spend most of their days sleeping so why not make your kitty’s favorite hobby as restful and cozy as possible. Pillows in soft, easy-to-clean fabrics are the ideal resting place for your cat. Place a few cat pillows on favorite spots such as a sunny windowsill or comfortable chair to give your cat a soft safe place to call home.