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Cat litter

Cat litter

Cat litter boxes should contain the litter and keep your cat’s litter area private, tidy and neat. Easy-to-clean cat litter pans and accessories make this chore simple and quick.
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Cat litter boxes offer a private, clean space for your kitty.

Cat litter boxes contain messy kitty litter while providing a private, safe area for your pet to do his business. Keep cat litter boxes filled with fresh, clean litter to encourage kitty to go where it’s appropriate and avoid accidents around the house.

Cat litter pans make caring for kitty a snap.

Cat litter pans are designed to contained kitty litter while they are also shallow enough to allow your pet to enter and exit with ease. Litter will be contained and not get kicked around the room with a pan designed specifically for this use. Keep litter fresh and clean and encourage kitty to use his cat litter pan instead of the closet or other hidden place.