Cat scratching furniture

Cat scratching furniture

Cat scratching posts will redirect your kitty away from furniture and allow him to sharpen his claws and stretch without damaging your home.
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Cat scratching posts keep your kitty’s claws off the furniture.

Cat scratching posts provide an alternative to the arm of the sofa or a couch cushion for sharpening claws. Cats have a natural tendency and desire to stretch and use their claws to grip and pull on fabric or other surfaces such as carpets, rugs and furniture. Keeping a designated scratching post nearby will redirect your cat to the appropriate place for sharpening his claws and more.

Cat scratching furniture is designed to attract kitty’s sharp claws and save your sofa.

Cat scratching furniture is usually covered with a similar fabric or surface such as carpet to encourage your cat to scratch this furniture instead of your prize arm chair or other upholstery. Sprinkle the fabric with catnip to encourage your kitty to use this piece of cat scratching furniture and eventually this will become his go-to spot for a lazy morning stretch or to sharpen and knead his claws. Cat scratching furniture can be as simple as a single carpet-covered post or as elaborate as a four-story kitty condo. Choose the size to fit your home and the number of feline friends you need to accommodate.