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Citronella spray for horses keeps pesky insects away without harsh chemicals. This more natural fly spray will allow your horse to enjoy the summer in peace without pests.

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Citronella spray for horses does more than just keep mosquitos away.

Citronella has many benefits although it is commonly believed to repel nasty insects such as mosquitos without the harsh chemicals of common insecticides. Citronella leaves a fresh, clean scent. While it is a pleasant scent for humans and horses, it is a great natural repellent option to keep bugs away. Citronella is also a fresh, clean alternative to other soaps and cleansers and keeps the coat clean and bright. Citronella-based washes keep the coat soft and clean without the need to rinse. This allows it to be quick, convenient and portable. The citronella-based wash can be diluted in warm or cool water as a refreshing rinse after work or on a hot summer day. Citronella is soothing and gentle and can relax the horse post workout. By washing your horse with citronella-based products, the natural oils are maintained and the coat is stimulated and encouraged to heal with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Citronella is a safe, fresh-smelling alternative to other washes and rinses.