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Coat Shine & Polish

Horse coat shine products add brilliance and make your horse’s body shine for show or daily use. Horse coat polish gives him a clean, smooth look and makes daily grooming fast.

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Horse coat shine adds luster to make your horse’s coat gleam in the sunshine.

Adding a natural touch of shine to your horse’s coat will keep him looking healthy and clean and add a bit of polish to your show ring turnout. A natural-based coat polish with lemon grass oil adds shine and luster without ever making the coat sticky or stiff. Using a soft, natural addition of shine like this won’t detract from your horse’s appearance by attracting dust and will keep his coat looking sparkling clean.

Horse coat polish adds shine without adding a greasy or sticky feel.

Horse coat polish is ideal to cut grooming time in half. Adding a natural polish is a perfect way to add a bright, shiny, clean look without attracting dirt, debris and dust. Having a soft, shiny, glistening coat in the show ring is a must but getting it doesn’t need to be labor-intensive. Adding a polish with coat softeners can keep the mane and tail tangle free and looking luxurious. The natural shine of many of the coat polishes from Horze can keep your horse looking and feeling clean and show ring ready at all times.