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Curry combs provide instant massage relief and comfort for your horse. Use a horse comb to loosen dirt and debris and give his coat a deep cleaning.

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Curry combs and mane pulling combs will make trimming a breeze.

A curry comb can loosen dirt and hair and aid in detangling a knotted tail. By gently removing snarls and tangles, the soft plastic bristles of a Horze curry comb can help maintain a full, healthy mane and tail. Use care and be sure not to pull the delicate tail hairs as you brush. An even, short, trim mane is a sign of a well kept horse and the mane pulling combs from Horze can help simplify this job.

Mane pulling is made easy with combs from Horze.

Grooming the mane is easy with a pulling comb from Horze. The soft grip or solid wood of the handle on our mane combs will keep the comb from slipping through your hand. Try a simple mane comb for daily grooming to remove knots, debris and to smooth a trimmed mane. The plastic or metal combs from Horze are easy to grip and will make this chore go quickly with less pain and frustration for your horse. Use care when combing the delicate tail hairs with any of the combs in the Horze collection.