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Horse conditioner restores balance to fine coats and adds necessary moisture to delicate skin. Equine conditioner leaves your horse’s coat smooth and soft.

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Horse conditioners work gently to keep coats, manes and tails soft and manageable.

Add a horse conditioner to your bathing routine to keep your horse’s coat soft and silky. Horse conditioners work to keep coats nourished and balanced. Maintaining healthy skin is essential to prohibit skin conditions and the natural oils in horse conditioners ensure a healthy balance and soft skin. Using the horse conditioners from Horze will keep delicate mane and tail hair from becoming tangled and damaged due to breakage.

Equine conditioners are gentle enough to use after each bath to keep skin and coats soft and shiny.

Equine conditioners are ideal to prevent breakage and keep mane and tail hair from becoming frizzy and unmanageable. Conditioning your horse’s coat, mane and tail will keep him looking shiny and clean and will maintain a natural balance of oils on his skin and coat. Equine conditioners use the same unique softening agents found in high quality salon hair care for humans to neutralize and clarify the horse’s coat. The options found at Horze to condition and care for the horse’s coat, mane and tail are dermatologist-tested to ensure they are safe and healthy for your horse.