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Electric fence connectors keep your paddocks secure and work with other electric fence components from Horze to contain your horse and keep him safe.
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Electric fence connectors work with the fencing systems available at Horze to keep your livestock safe.

Electric fence connectors include all of the hardware necessary to securely keep your horses and other livestock happy and safe. The accessories for electric fence systems include connectors to attach the wire or tape to the fence. These durable plastic accessories are used to safely install a traditional electric fence. The tape connectors are used in conjunction with easy-to-install electric fence tape and are designed to keep the tape in place and not interfere with the current. Rope connectors are designed to hold rope-style electric fencing in place. Electric fencing is a personal choice whether you choose wire, tape or rope. When properly installed and cared for, electric fence will reinforce an existing paddock and keep horses from rubbing against fragile wood planks or rails and keep them respectful of their boundaries. Electric fencing is a great option for a temporary enclosure within another field or pasture and can be easily set up and removed. Choose a high quality electric fence system with connectors designed specifically for your fencing needs to maintain a safe turnout environment for your horse.

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