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Coolers, Show & Fleece Rugs

Horse coolers are important for careful cool down in cool weather and to avoid chills and aid in recovery after strenuous schooling and exercise.

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Horse coolers are an essential item for every horse to regulate temperature and safely cool off from work.

Horse coolers are designed to whisk away moisture allowing for air to circulate and the coat to dry while preventing chill and maintaining body temperature. Coolers and anti-sweat sheets can be fitted with surcingles and adjustable straps and buckles or free form fitting to loosely drape over an overheated horse. A simple square cooler with a few loose ties can allow plenty of circulation while walking or in the stall. A more custom-looking horse cooler can be used for travel or to cover the horse after strenuous exercise. Step off the trailer in style with a fashionable dress sheet with cooling properties to keep your horse cool, calm and comfortable on the road.

Anti-sweat sheets allow for maximum air flow and will allow your horse to dry completely after work or show.

Anti-sweat sheets are ventilated and keep the body warm while allowing air to dry the coat. A wet, cold horse is more likely to develop an illness or experience discomfort and this can be avoided with proper cooling and drying off. The adjustable surcingles, tail straps, front closures and leg straps of many Horze coolers are easy to fit any horse to provide comfort and extreme functionality. Colors and styles are offered to match any wardrobe and suit any taste.