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Dear Customers,

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken the world by storm and quickly changed the lives of most of us with dramatic consequences. Our deepest sympathy goes to all those affected by the crisis, and we share the common anxiety with our friends, colleagues, families and pets - caused by the uncertain future and what is yet to come.

We want to emphasize to everyone to follow the advice from governments and health officials, and to take care of your family and friends through these difficult times.

We also want to give you a short update on how Horze is managing by answering your possible questions here:

Is the online shop delivering orders?

As of now the Horze web shop continues to operate normally. All of our web shops are open, and we deliver orders as normal.

Are there delays with deliveries?

Some countries have small delays with deliveries, but as of now there are no big delays in the delivery of Horze orders.

Do all delivery methods work?

We have disabled some deliveries to pick up points based on info from our freight carriers, but in all countries we have delivery methods available for you.

Are the Horze retail shops open?

Most Horze retail shops are open. Opening hours and other relevant information can be found on their Facebook pages. Our two Horze shops in Germany in Hannover and Bremen are closed until further notice.

Is customer service open?

Our customer service is open and you can reach us at

Take care and stay safe <3

Greetings from all of us at Horze