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Dog Treats & Snacks

Dog Treats & Snacks

Dog treats are the perfect training aid for your well-behaved pup. Dog snacks show you dog it's loved and can be used as rewards for good behavior.
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Dog treats are a useful training aid and can be offered as a reward for a job well done.

Dog treats from Horze come in flavours and sizes to please any pup. The natural flavours are appealing and will make training and learning fun. Dog treats are a helpful way to reinforce good behaviour while training. Offering a simple, small bite of a tasty treat can maintain a positive attitude and lead to a successful training session for dogs of all ages.

Dog snacks can be useful to provide a between-meal treat.

Dog snacks are a simple way to show your dog some love between meals and can be used to encourage your pup to perform a task. Toss a dog snack into. Leave a tasty snack for your pup as you head out the door to work to show some love. Dog snacks from Horze are a healthy way to offer a light treat without worrying about weight gain. Feed dog snacks in moderation while offering a healthy alternative to human food or table scraps.