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Horse electrolytes are a must-have item for horses under strenuous work or during the hot weather when replenishing lost electrolyte balance is necessary.
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Horse electrolytes help replenish the body after strenuous exercise.

Keeping your horse hydrated is essential to his health and during exercise he can lose minerals through sweat. Riding in high temperatures during the summer months and working hard under saddle can cause the horse to risk dehydration. Feeding a daily dose of electrolytes can encourage your horse to drink enough water to compensate for this loss. Replacing minerals such as sodium, potassium, chloride, sulfate, magnesium, calcium and other important minerals will keep him performing at his best. The highly effective formulas of electrolyte supplements offered at Horze can ensure that the horse recovers more quickly after strenuous exercise and sweat loss. While under the major stresses of extreme work, the horse can be at risk of losing minerals, electrolytes and water and must quickly replenish these essentials to avoid fatigue and breakdown. The balance of these minerals is key to recovery and performance. By consistently feeding a proper daily supplement such as this, you can be assured that your horse receives the proper balance and is his vital organs will function optimally. An immediate dose of highly concentrated electrolytes will provide a boost after a tough competition where time is a factor and bringing the horse’s body back into balance is crucial. Whichever product you choose to offer electrolyte balance, Horze has the right product for your horse’s needs.

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