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Eskadron Horse Bandages

Eskadron Horse Bandages

Eskadron bandages match the other items in the various Eskadron collections. Make a stylish appearance in the stable, with matching or contrasting bandages to go with your other Eskadron items.
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Eskadron bandages to match the  equipment you already own

Regardless of which Eskadron collection you have chosen for your halter or saddle pad, you will find matching bandages here. Whether from the Rideeatsleeprepeat, Platinum or Heritage collections, the perfect look is guaranteed.

In addition to their appearance, the bandages are also of the highest quality. With Velcro fastenings, you don't have to worry about the necessary hold. Even as a pony owner, you will find what you are looking for in Eskadron bandages, which are available in either 3.5 m or 2.8 m lengths.

Be inspired by the Eskadron bandages in great colours for your daily training. Choose them to match your saddle pad or riding clothes and ensure a stunning appearance.

Eskadron bandages can serve different purposes. The Eskadron Platinum bandages are intended for use at tournaments or show events. In this case it is all about the look and all four legs are bandaged. Therefore, the Eskadron Platinum bandages are also sold in sets of 4.

However, bandages are often also used to protect the animal's legs from kicks, blows or overloading. This is not only true for warmblood horses, but also for ponies.  Eskadron pony fleece bandages are popular, for example. They are also available in a set of 4. You can use the bandage directly on the horse or pony's leg. However, it is better to use a bandage pad. They improve air circulation on the bandaged leg. You can also use them to apply ointment or creams.