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Gate Systems

Electric fence gate attachments allow an easy access to your custom-installed electric fence enclosure. Choose plastic replacement handles to ensure a safe entrance to your paddock.

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Electric fence gates are essential when installing a proper electric fence.

An electric fence system is not complete until it includes a gate to get your horse into and out of his new enclosure. A simple plastic handle with a hook and spring to maintain the current is a must and your electric fence won’t work without it. The wide plastic grip means the current will remain on but will not shock or electrocute you. The gate system includes insulators, connectors and a spring or extra bit of rope or tape to ensure a complete circuit. A carefully installed electric fence system can remain on and charged even when you open and close the gate if you use the proper gate system. Never touch a charged rope or tape or you will feel the same jolt designed to keep your horse respectful of the system.