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GERA is a German family business, and for over 4 decades GERA has focused on developing innovative leg protection, as well as high-grade girths and saddle cloths. All GERA products are still handmade in Germany to meet even the highest quality demands. GERA - Safe by experience!

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German equine boot manufacturer, Gera, has been creating protective boots for horses for nearly four decades. This family-run business has been making high quality boots, girths and more using innovative technology to protect the equine athlete from the rigors of high level show jumping, dressage and eventing competition. Gera has a protective boot for every need and the options are countless. The many choices available from Horze guarantee that you will find the perfect boot for your horse’s needs.

When you need a bit more protection during training than typical polo wraps and bandages can provide, Gera Royal tendon and brushing boots for dressage training include for safe protection from injury and for added support. The easy-to-adhere Velcro straps and supportive shock-absorbing construction of these boots make them ideal for training. Pair these hind boots with their matching front pair and allow the neoprene lining and TPU shell to provide the peace of mind a carefully designed boot can offer. The memory foam of the Gera Dolphin series helps cushion the legs while maintaining optimal shape to cradle your horse’s legs. The classic design of these boots is durable and protective offering Strike-Zone shock absorption and will prevent injury and undue stress. The boots are offered in several colors to allow you to choose the most attractive look for your horse and your needs.

The Gera Dolphin series offers affordable leg protection while maintaining the high quality standards you expect from Gera. These boots are created with strong Velcro closures and a comfortable Equitex lining to cushion and comfort the leg. The rear tendon boots of this collection are created with the classic BASF-TPU hard shell for ultimate protection from bumps and bruises.

Gera Meditex boots offer support without too much bulk for comfort and protection. The travel boot is designed for full coverage for safety while in the trailer and covers the leg from knee to hoof. Avoid injury to the bulbs of the hoof or the pastern while your horse rides in comfort in these soft boots. The five Velcro closures help ensure that the boot stays in place. This system helps avoid dangerously loose bandages from unraveling and tangling around the horses legs and creating an unsafe trip. The neoprene is soft and forms to the individual leg and supports gently while on the road. Soft knee boots offer protection while conforming to the shape of the knee as necessary for recovery or support.

Whichever Gera boot series you choose, you can rest assured that your horse’s legs will be safe and supported. Horze is proud to offer these innovative boots from this German manufacturer of impeccable quality merchandise.

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