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Health Care

Health Care

Horse health care products include everything you need to keep your horse healthy and happy. From grooming aids to supplements and fly control, equine health products encourage proper horse care.
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Horse health care includes everything you need to maintain your horse from the inside out.

Supplements to cure every ailment or prevent any condition are offered in formulas to feed as part of your horse’s daily routine. Vitamins are ideal for maintaining optimal overall health. Keep your horse’s coat healthy, neat and trimmed by routine clipping to provide a clean, show ring-ready look. Proper daily grooming will keep your horse happy and healthy and is the perfect time to bond and enjoy your time with him. Kids can join in grooming their favorite ponies with brushes specifically designed for their smaller hands. Regular hoof care using picks and brushes from Horze can keep foot problems away. Every grooming kit needs at least one combo pick and brush to keep hooves healthy.

Horze offers everything you need for equine health care to keep your horse healthy and strong and living a happy, productive life.

Routine bathing after strenuous exercise or to remove mud and stains is easy with the big, thirsty sponges. Be sure to use a mild soap to keep natural oils from being stripped away with excess detergent. Follow up on daily grooming care with a natural fly repellent to keep insects from annoying your horse during work or turnout.