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Horse Cremes

Horse Cremes

Horse cream can relieve skin conditions and treat minor injuries. Horse ointment for uses such as pain relief or skin conditioning can be applied directly to the site.
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Horse creams aid in performance and comfort of the horse and rider.

Soothing tired muscles and reducing stress and discomfort is key to keeping the horse happy and healthy. Creams to aid with massage and to improve circulation can increase blood flow and maintain optimal range of motion while helping muscles, joints and tendons to recover and repair. Creams for aiding in healing can protect and help minor wounds repair and reduce the risk of infection.

Horse ointments help injuries heal quickly and prevent infection.

When the horse’s skin is well cared for and soft, it is less susceptible to dryness, cracking and potential injury and infection. Horse ointments to keep skin soft and healthy include creams to apply to the corners of the mouth, back of the pasterns, around the eyes, muzzle and more. Soft creams to aid in the condition of the coat and areas of hair loss can increase regrowth of hair and eliminate soreness and potential infection. Horse creams and ointments created from natural ingredients such as honey and shea butter can maintain the proper balance and moisture in the skin and coat and create a healthy, shiny coat.

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