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Horse Digestion Supplements

Horse digestive supplements can help reduce the chance of colic and other digestive issues when used as part of a careful feeding program.

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Horse digestive supplements can aid in a healthy gut and prevent colic.

Proper digestion is crucial for a healthy horse. Horses are designed to naturally graze all day and roam. While today that is not always possible, aiding digestion is more important than ever. Many horses today spend more time indoors and for proper digestive health, they should move around and be constantly grazing. A digestive supplement can ensure that your horse properly digests his feed. Concentrated feeds such as pellets, oats and sweetfeed must be carefully digested and adding plenty of fresh hay for roughage helps. Adding a supplement which includes natural ingredients such as cinnamon, carot, ascorbic acid, MSM and more can naturally balance his digestive tract to reduce the risk of deadly colic. The best way to keep your horse happy and healthy is to provide plenty of fresh air and turnout, but for the stall-bound horse or one who is under the extreme stress of heavy work, an addition to his diet like this can improve his overall health and keep him safe. Horze offers safe nutritional options to keep your horse happy and comfortable.