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HorseMaster Actifoal, 10 kg

(Price includes VAT)
HorseMaster Actifoal, 10 kg
(Price includes VAT)
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HorseMaster Actifoal, 10 kg


Lacteous feed supplement for foal and yearling.

ACTIFOAL H.P is a milk based nutrition to help aid the transition from milk to grain. ACTIFOAL H.P contains calcium, phosphorus, non-GMO soybean, essential amino acids, vitamins and chelated trace minerals for structural growth.

Technical description:

Composition:Alfalfa (20%), extruded soybean (19%), wheat middlings (15%), calcium carbonate (12%), lactoserum powder (10 %), vegetable oil (5,2%), skimmed milk (5%), mono dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, magnesium phosphate, L-lysin, DL-methionine. Analytical constituents per kilo :Crude proteins 20 %.Crude fat 7 %.Crude fiber 6.9 %.Crude ash 33.6 %.Calcium 6,7 %.Phosphorus 1 %.Sodium 1.1 %.Magnesium 0,6 %.Additives per kilo:Vitamins:E672 Vitamin A 40 000 IU.E671 Vitamin D3 4 000 IU.3a700 Vitamin E 200 mg.Vitamin C 100 mg.Vitamin B1 40 mg.Vitamin B2 16 mg .Vitamin B6 12 mg.Biotine 0.6 mg.Amino acides:3.2.3 Lysine 20 000 mg.3.1.5 Methionine 12 000 mg.Trace elements:E6 Zinc (chélates) 500 mg.E5 Manganese (chélates) 400 mg.E1 Iron (chélates) 300 mg.E4 Copper (chélates) 200 mg.E2 Iodine (iodate) 3 mg.E3 Cobalt (carbonate) 2 mg.E8 Selenium (selenite) 1 mg .

Usage instructions:

Foal from 2 to 18 months: Feed 100 to 150g per day per animal.This quantity has to be modulated according to the age and morphology of the foal. Precautions for use:Formulated for horses - Do not feed to competition or racing horses.Keep out of reach of children - Reseal after each use.Digestibility enhancer:E1711 saccharomyces cerevisiae - CNCM I -1077 10milliard/UFC.Other zootechnical additives:E310 Propyl gallate 6 mg.E324 Ethoxyquine 2.6 mg.E312 BHT 18 mg.Conditionnement:Actifoal H P 10 est conditionné en pot de 10 kg (doseur inclus).

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HorseMaster Actifoal, 10 kg
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