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Horseware Rhino

Horseware Rhino

Rhino horse rugs from Horseware are known for their durability. They are waterproof, breathable and tear-resistant. In addition, the Rhino product line is characterised by the addition of neck pieces.
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The unique qualities of Horseware Rhino horse rugs

The Rhino rugs in this collection are made of 1000 denier polypropylene. A special feature is the three-layer construction of the rugs. The outer layer of 1000 denier polypropylene makes the rugs considerably more tear-resistant than those made of coated polyester. This choice of material makes the rug not only stronger, but also lighter. The outer layer is followed by a middle layer, which is responsible for breathability and water resistance. This is achieved through Aqua Trans technology.

The innermost layer contains the lining, which traps the warm air around the horse's body, keeping the animal warm. Even if the outer layer of the Rhino rug should be damaged, its function remains almost completely intact due to the two remaining layers. In the field of horse rugs, Horseware offers not only turnout rugs, but also stable rugs, sweat rugs, sweet itch rugs, fly rugs, rain sheets and under rugs. In addition, separate neck pieces are available for some models of this product line.