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Horse liniments brace and stimulate to increase blood flow after work or to heal muscle strains. Equine liniments provide soothing relief during bathing or post-exercise.
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Horse liniments can be used to soothe tired legs after strenuous work.

A horse’s legs work hard and adding some extra care and pampering to his post-work routine is a smart idea. After hard work, rub the horse’s legs down with a soothing liniment. This will help bring circulation back to the legs and promote blood flow. Keeping your horse’s legs healthy means more productive and enjoyable riding. Taking proper care to promote healing and increasing circulation will keep your horse from discomfort and other injuries associated from stress and strain. Rubbing soothing liniment into his tired joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles will allow a quicker recovery time and allow your horse to remain active without becoming stiff and sore.

Equine liniments come in liquid or gel form and provide cool relief to sore muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

A cooling equine liniment is ideal to bring relief to tired legs after work or competition. Choosing a gel-based liniment makes it easier to apply. Liquid liniments get to work fast and are easy to pour onto sore muscles and allow for quick cooling relief. Gel liniments are perfect to apply a handful of concentrated relief directly to the swollen or sore area. Whichever method of delivery you choose, the purpose of the liniment, whether gel or liquid, is to provide immediate relief and healing to the horse’s tired legs. The herbs and natural ingredients of many Horze liniments include such cooling ingredients such as Arnica Montana, eucalyptus and more.

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