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Horze Lunging Aid

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Horze Lunging Aid


Lunge your horse to stretch and strengthen his back without force with this aid.

Horze offers an innovative lunging aid to train your horse gently. This lunging aid strengthens the back and stretches the top line without force. Using this gentle approach encourages the horse to stretch forward and down during lunging.


  • Great help when training the horse from the ground
  • Lunging aid does not come with lunging roller or bridle
  • Should be used for frequent short sessions for best results

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The system works really well, but I find a flexible line behind the horse. I have a big horse, 165 in cover, and it is simply too long to have it around the hind legs. There are many tuning options in the system, just not the one to take the back part with.

"Passoa lung system"

Really delicious longings tool. Buckles / slides, as well as good quality liner. Input options are numerous, so can fit the majority of horses / ponies. The only downside I have been aware of is that longe straps rings (longe straps from Horze) are too small to be able to get buckles / liner through to ensure that the liner does not get too far down to the legs. Have solved this by adding cabin hooks in webbing rings.

longerinssysyem for small to large horse

has a horse of 170 istg and there it is too small so it has to be changed or extended with extra leash

Lunging Aid

Nicely made soft rear strap, soft nylon rope & chrome attachment.I believe I am using it correctly no direction or suggestion with product. A diagram with suggested attaching would have been nice.

Something small in size

Good system for longing with active hind legs. However, there is not much extra rope to give if you want to tune in to a big horse. Mine is 163 and I think it's a bit tricky. Also miss an extra fixation around the belt to avoid the ropes coming too far down to the ground / legs along the sides of the horse.

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