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HorseMaster Equisport Yearling - 10 kg pail

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HorseMaster Equisport Yearling - 10 kg pail
Price includes VAT
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HorseMaster Equisport Yearling - 10 kg pail


mineral supplement for yearling.

EQUISPORT YEARLING contains a healthy balance of phosphorus and calcium, chelated trace element, specially formulated for young horses.The traditional feed (containing cereals and hay) does not contain the sufficient amount of essential nutrients to obtain a harmonious and regular growth, for proper bone development. Properties:Equisport yearling is a stud mineral corrector using a balanced ratio of Calcium /phosphorus.Equisport yearling supplies essential nutrients to support skeletal development and conformation.- particularly recommended for young stock.- muscular development.- bone building and bone mineralising.- Aid for growth difficulties.- Digestive optimization (contains MOS and yeast cultures).- Feed from 10 months to the end of developmental growth.

Technical description:

Dicalcium phosphate, bruised wheat, calcium carbonate, extrudedsoya bean, molasses, magnesium oxyde, sodium chloride, traceelements,vegetable oil, vitamins, dried yeast, choline chloride26C01.10104FTR0912V01Analytical constituentsCrude protein 6.5 %Crude fiber 3.8 %Crude fat 3.0 %Crude ash 56.2 %Calcium 12,9 %Phosphorus 6 %Magnesium 3 %Sodium 0,9 %Ash insol. HCl ,9 %Additives per kilo :Vitamins:E672 vitamin A 380 000 IUE671 vitamin D3 39 900 IU3a700 vitamin E 2 280 IUVitamin B1 105 mgVitamin B2 350 mg Vitamin B6 20 mgVitamin B9 90 mgVitamin B12 1 700 µgVitamin C 145 mgVitamin K 22 mgVitamin PP 260 mgCholine 5 300 mgPantothenic acid ...................... 26 mgAmino acid3.2.3 L Lysine...................... 11 200 mg3.1.1 DL Methionine ............. 7 580 mgTrace elementsE1 Iron sulphate ........................ 2 900 mgE4 Copper sulphate .................

Usage instructions:

Feeding guide: enclosed scoop holds approximately 200gYearling from 10 to 36 months: 50 to 100 g mixed with daily feedPrecautions for useFormulated for horses - Keep out of reach of childrenStore in a cool dry place - Replace lid immediately after use.

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HorseMaster Equisport Yearling - 10 kg pail
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