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Mud Fever

Mud fever products are designed to prevent and treat scratches, mud fever or greasy heel. Mud fever treatments fight the bacteria and maintain balance and moisture to encourage skin elasticity.

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Mud fever can mean the difference between hours of riding pleasure and a sore, miserable horse.

Mud fever products from Horze can keep your horse’s sensitive foot area healthy. Preventing mud fever is a must if you live and ride in a muddy, wet climate. When bacteria infects the sensitive soft skin of the horse’s bulbs, pastern or fetlock area, this annoying, painful disease can derail all of your riding plans. Before infection starts, if your horse is prone to this condition, apply a disinfectant to keep the area free of bacteria. Keeping a barrier of protection between your horse’s delicate skin and the elements can help prevent this nuisance. A mud fever cream is a good option for keeping your horse’s foot, leg and hoof area healthy. Using an antibacterial topical ointment such as this can keep cracks from forming on your horse’s sensitive skin and keep bacteria out. Try powder to sprinkle on existing cracks to help form a breathable barrier between your horse and dirt and mud. Keeping this area clean, dry and protected will allow this condition to heal quickly and get you back in the saddle in no time. Mud fever products from Horze are a safe option to combat this condition.