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Oils & Balsams

Oils & Balsams

Horse oil treats skin conditions and leaves your horse with a sweet smelling coat. Horse balsams can provide relief and comfort to sensitive areas without irritation.
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Horse oils can eliminate irritation from insects.

Choosing the proper horse oil to treat conditions from sun, insects and other irritants is essential to helping maintain comfort. Oils are designed to relieve itching and help horses heal from painful insect bites and other irritants. Applying this oil to areas of irritation and hair loss can improve healing time and sooth the horse’s sensitive skin. Balms to relieve itching can shorten healing time as they reduce the horse’s natural desire to rub the sore area.

Horse balsams maintain the natural oils and balance in the coat and skin and promote healthy healing.

Restoring balance to the roots of the horse’s coat and improving healthy skin can reduce the effects of rubbing which can lead to hair loss. Soothing lotion can help bring comfort to the horse and return his skin to the proper biological balance. Adding a spray-on or lotion based balsam to his grooming routine can prevent irritation or heal wounds and rough patches of hair loss and dryness.

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