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HorseMaster Pro L - Carnitine, 60 ml

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HorseMaster Pro L - Carnitine, 60 ml
Price includes VAT
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HorseMaster Pro L - Carnitine, 60 ml


spare energy.

Regular using Pro L carnitine can help to turn fats into energy, can improve endurance and help to delay the onset of muscle fatigue.Properties:The L-Carnitine is is synthesised from the amino acids L-lysine and L-methionine, found in high levels in skeletal and cardiac muscles of all mammals, but in very low levels in cereal grains and plants. Typically, horses are unable to synthesise sufficient L-Carnitine for their normal requirements when training and racing. L-Carnitine is absolutely essential in the process of transporting fats into cells for energy production, and acts as a buffer by delaying the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle cells and then blood when animals are working at aximum exertion. By delaying lactic acid production with subsequent muscle fatigue, endurance and stamina are extended in performance animals.

Technical description:

Analytical components:Crude proteins 7.2%Crude ash 1.5%Crude fat < 1%Crude fibre < 1%L-Carnitine: 10 g per 60 ml syringe.

Usage instructions:

Feeding guideThe contributions of carnitine have to be determined according to the typeof required effort and the lipidic status of the ration (growing need with thefat rate).Long effort and/or ration rich in fat : 1/3 to 1/2 syringe per day + specificcontributions of 1 to 11/2 the day before and the day of the competition.Short and intense effort: 1 syringe to 11/2 syringe per day, 2 to 10 daysbefore the competition. Formulated for horses - Keep out of reach of childrenStore in a dry place.

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HorseMaster Pro L - Carnitine, 60 ml
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