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Reflective Horse Wear

Horse reflective gear is essential for nighttime riding and is designed to keep you safe and visible. Horse reflective wear includes reflective materials which can be seen in the dark.

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Horse reflective gear will keep you and your horse visible during low light rides.

Adding a simple pair of bell boots while you ride down the road can be a lifesaver. Reflective materials can mean the difference between a safe ride and an unfortunate accident. A harness with reflective materials can provide optimal visibility when car headlights shine upon it giving you visibility and cautioning drivers to avoid your path. If bright yellow and orange is not your style, try the dark fabric options which look black during the day but when light is shined upon them at night, they reflect the beams and give off a glow.

Horse reflective wear is ideal for maintaining visibility at night.

Keeping your horse safe during rides on the road is essential and adding products to ensure optimal visibility is prudent. The options for safe nighttime riding from Horze include quarter sheets with brightly colored fabric and reflective tape. These items will aid in your riding enjoyment by allowing you to focus on your horse and not worrying about being seen. A tail wrap with LED lights will really catch a driver’s eye while these 4 lights blink to increase visibility on the road even further.