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Riding Rugs

Quarter sheets provide a protective layer of warmth for your horse’s loin and hindquarters to allow you to ride in cool conditions without the concern of chill.
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Frequently asked questions about Riding Rugs

A reflective riding rug is very popular in summer. It ensures that you and your horse can still be seen well at dusk. Of course, the horse riding rug should not be too thick in summer.As there are often windy and rainy days in summer, you should still take measures to protect your horse, especially if it's clipped.

A fleece riding rug is light and absorbs the horse's sweat well. If the outside of the rug is coated, it will also be water-repellent, if not waterproof. This is very useful if you get caught in a sudden downpour as you won't have to ride on with a wet rug on your horse.

For riding in the rain, it is best to choose a waterproof riding rug. You can get a light version for the summer and a warmer version for the winter. If your horse is comfortable with it, you can choose a riding rug that has a neck piece. If you are not sure whether your horse likes this, choose a riding rug with a removable neck piece.

Riding rugs for rain, also called rain sheets, are available as rugs that protect the whole horse, including the saddle, and as kidney rugs. In any case, the riding rug must be cut in a way that does not hinder your horse's movement. The materials the rug is made of must be durable, waterproof, windproof and breathable.

As a defence against flies and other insects, there are special fly rugs. These are riding rugs made of a thin, close-meshed fabric, usually polyester. Such fly sheets are also available with a chemical impregnation. It repels insects quite reliably and can usually withstand washing. However, the chemical impregnation can lead to skin irritation for your horse. This depends on how sensitive your horse is to such substances. This type of riding rug is also available with a neck piece, sometimes even with an integrated fly mask. When riding directly in the sun, the mesh fabric of the riding rug also provides a pleasant cooling effect

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