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Some children find riding boots stylish, while others find them uncomfortable and difficult to put on. A sensible alternative is to use riding boots in such cases, combined with half chaps. There is a wide range of Jodhpur ankle boots and shoes for children. They are available in a choice colours and materials. Since children grow out of shoes very quickly, it can be sensible to choose rubber ankle boots or shoes instead of leather shoes. They are much cheaper and also more durable and easy to care for. Jodhpur ankle boots reach above the ankle. The low heel keeps the child's feet from slipping in the stirrups.

On warm summer days in particular, shoes or ankle boots are more comfortable to wear than boots. Leather riding shoes or boots tend to be more breathable than synthetic footwear. However, they tend to be much more expensive and require more care to keep them looking their best. Whether this is worth the effort depends on how often and how long you plan on wearing your shoes. Shoes and Jodhpur boots are also suitable for stable work and for taking animals to and from the pasture. If you want to use the shoes for these tasks, they should be as hard-wearing as possible and easy to clean.

Riding shoes have one important feature that distinguishes them from street or stable shoes - their heel. The heel is an absolute must for any type of riding shoe, as it prevents the foot from slipping through the stirrup.

This heel is also important if you want to combine your riding shoes with half chaps. The foot strap of the chaps is held in place by the heel.

This means that you can always wear any riding shoes with half chaps, as long as they have a heel.

As well as the classic riding boots and Jodhpur boots, there are now more and more specialist riding shoes. Riding shoes can, for example, be sturdy shoes made of leather, with a laces or a zip fastener; they are also available in a faux leather version, which has a somewhat sportier look, or as riding sneakers or trainers.

The most important feature of any riding shoe is the heel, which is essential to prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup and getting caught. Riding shoes should also provide enough support and feel comfortable. As long as these conditions are met, you can choose from a wide range of riding shoes.