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Spot Removers

Spot Removers

Horse stain remover is a must-have item for any gray-horse owner. Remove stubborn stains with gentle cleansers and keep your horse show-ready at all times.
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Horse stain removers are a must for the gray-horse owner.

There is nothing worse than awakening on the morning of a show day to find a fresh manure stain on the barrel of your gray horse. Stain removers eliminate this dilemma and reduce the need to re-bathe your horse at the last moment. Horse stain removers are perfect for touch ups in cold weather and to brighten the coat and remove grass and stable stains. Keeping your horse clean and show ring ready is easy with a spray-on stain remover. Horse stain removers work well on darker colored horses too and can quickly eliminate a fresh stain or remove a stubborn one, Stain removers are quick and easy to apply and within moments, you can sponge and brush away even the most stubborn stains. When water and time are at a minimum, use an easy-to-apply stain remover to dissolve stubborn manure, urine, sweat and grass stains from your horse’s coat. The application is easy with just a quick spray and brush away, and it works quickly to keep your horse’s coat sparkling and fresh.

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