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Stable & Field

Stable & Field

Stable supplies from Horze provide convenience, with racks, storage, mucking tools and other accessories to make your daily stable chores more efficient and enjoyable.

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Outfit your barn with stable supplies from Horze to keep things organised and efficient.

Adding a simple slow hay feeder to the stall can help your horse pace its eating and grazing while keeping hay off the floor. Easy fill hay nets make it easy to carry hay in the trailer. A colourful toy such as a big rubber ball is a good way to keep a stall- or paddock-bound horse occupied and alleviate boredom. Classic flat-back water buckets are a must in any stable to provide fresh, clean water. The durable hard plastic won’t crack or bend and these buckets are available in several popular colours. Horze carries all of your farm needs including an extensive collection of electric fencing and replacement tape or wire. From brooms to pitchforks, and shovels or hardware, Horze offers everthing you need to complete your dream stable.