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Stable rugs and blankets are soft and warm - the perfect choice for keeping your horse comfortable indoors in winter, while still allowing him a good range of motion in his stall.

Stable rugs are ideal for horses kept indoors and provide warmth and protection from the cold.

An ideal stable rug (also known as a stable blanket) is durable, warm and comfortable for the horse. Horse stable rugs are designed for indoor use. While turnout rugs have the durability and strength to maintain warmth during turnout and wet weather, a stable rug is not likely to be as rugged. For horses who spend days outdoors and nights in a sheltered stall, a separate rug should be used indoors. Many stable rugs include waterproof features to protect from moisture when the horse lies down, but are softer and more comfortable for indoor use. Features on many stable rugs are deep gussets and darts, strong surcingles, tail flaps to ward off draughts and a soft lining to avoid chafing. Pair your favorite turnout rug with a soft, warm stable rug for the perfect solution to your horse’s wintertime needs. Soft quilting allows air to circulate and maintain the proper body temperature for your horse. Horze offers a wide choice of weights and styles from top brands, including Bucas, Eskadron and Kentucky.

The ideal weight for a winter stable rug depends on your horse, the outside temperatures and the type of stable used. A shorn horse will definitely need a stable rug in winter, as the natural heat insulation normally provided by the coat will be lost. If the outside temperature is lower, you will of course need a heavier stable rug to compensate. 

In autumn you can start with a 100g stable rug. During the winter the weight should be increased to at least 300g. You can also use the 100g stable rug as a liner for another stablerug to achieve a greater warming effect when needed.

Apart from shorn horses, old and sick animals will benefit from a stable rug. But a stable rug can also be useful for healthy horses if they are often exposed to draughts, are kept in an open stable or are transported in a trailer. A healthy horse that is not shorn will not be bothered by the cold alone. However, things become more problematic when humidity, wind or draught are added to the equation.

Not every stable rug is windproof or waterproof, but these features become essential as soon as your horse goes outdoors. You can put a stable rug on your horse as a liner under a waterproof rug. Then you have an ideal combination: the warmth of the liner, plus the waterproofing and windproofing of the waterproof rug.