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Stirrups & Leathers

Stirrups for English riding come in a variety of styles and materials. Choose stainless steel, composite, plastic, safety, fillis, or offset for your specific saddle stirrup needs.
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Classic stirrups are perfectly adequate for adults in normal conditions. Problems can arise when the horse rears, bucks, becomes startled and rears or bucks. Then the rider's foot can get caught in the stirrup. This is one of the most dangerous situations when riding. Safety stirrups provide a solution to this problem. They differ from the classic designs in that they release the foot quickly under such circumstances. Various techniques are used for this: safety caps, turning stirrups, stirrups with joints or stirrups with one side made of an elastic band.

Some safety stirrups have a folding mechanism. Stirrups with safety caps are particularly suitable for beginners and children. The caps prevent the foot from slipping through the stirrup and getting caught. The disadvantage is that these stirrups are visually conspicuous. All safety stirrups must be sufficiently wide.

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