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Stirrups & Leathers

Stirrups for English riding come in a variety of styles and materials. Choose stainless steel, composite, plastic, safety, fillis, or offset for your specific saddle stirrup needs.

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Stirrups are available in options for any discipline and desire.

Choose stainless steel, composite, plastic, safety, Fillis-style, or offset for your specific saddle stirrup needs. Composite stirrups are lightweight and are the latest trend in saddle stirrups. The lightweight material can be designed with the ideal angle and slant to help keep the rider’s foot in the correct position. Like an offset stirrup, the composite stirrup can aid in helping the rider maintain ideal heel position in the irons. The plastic and safety stirrups are common with beginner riders and can increase peace of mind for the younger or less experienced rider. Peacock stirrups will release with a simple rubber band in the event of a fall. Peacock stirrups are designed so that if a rider falls, the foot will not get stuck in the stirrup which could result in the rider being dragged by the ankle.

Saddle stirrups for traditional show or hunt are a classic choice.

Stirrups in stainless steel or Fillis-style are the traditional choice for the show ring. The classic design of a stainless steel stirrup looks great with any saddle and will maintain its shiny, fresh appearance with a no-rust, easy-to-care for design. Fillis-style stirrups are also a rider favorite and with sturdy, white rubber pads, are a traditional design to use with any saddle in any discipline.