Women's Riding Rain Coats

Women's Riding Rain Coats

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Stylish, colourful riding rain jackets are both attractive and functional. Our waterproof riding jackets and raincoats for riding will keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions.

Waterproof riding jackets in a huge variety of colours

When you think of a raincoat for horse riding, fashionable cuts and fresh colours might not immediately spring to mind. Nowadays, however, there is a huge choice of colours and styles to suit every rider, so you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality. 
Choose from subtle autumn colours or pastels for spring, complete with the logos of your favourite brands, such as HV Polo or Mountain Horse. Accents such as stylish buttons, functional drawstrings, removable hoods and more mean you'll be able to enjoy your waterproof riding jacket both on and off the horse.

"Singing in the rain"

Rain will no longer be an issue with our waterproof riding coats. They offer you complete protection against water, but are still breathable and therefore comfortable to wear. Our waterproof riding jackets will support you during the wet season, whether you're caught in a sudden downpour or riding through constant rain.

A rain jacket for horse riding should of course be made of a waterproof material. If the seams of the jacket are heat-sealed, no water will be able to get in there either. This is particularly useful when riding in the rain for a longer period of time. In addition, the material of any dedicated horse riding coat for rain should be breathable and windproof. Wind and rain often occur together. If the material of the riding jacket is not breathable, sweating and overheating can occur. Depending on how long the jacket is, it makes sense to have a slit in the back. This way you don't sit on the jacket while in the saddle while keeping the saddle dry. Since you have to store your mobile phone, car keys, etc. somewhere when riding, the riding rain coat should have several closable pockets.