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Women's Thermo Breeches

Women's Thermo Breeches

Thermal riding breeches offer you extra warmth in winter. The warm lining ensures maximum comfort in cold weather.

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Frequently asked questions about Winter Riding Breeches

In winter, a warm pair of breeches is invaluable. There are many types of winter breeches available, also called thermal breeches. In principle, you have a choice between lined breeches or warm breeches that are worn over regular breeches. Both will keep you warm. Lined breeches are not quite as warm as the combination of breeches and thermal outer breeches. On the other hand, lined breeches look more stylish in winter than thermal overtrousers. If you only want to ride in the arena briefly in winter, a pair of lined breeches is usually sufficient. If you are planning a longer ride, however, we recommend overtrousers. These softshell breeches are also available in high-visibility colours, which increases your safety when riding at dusk and dawn. When buying, you may want to choose one size larger so that you can comfortably put on a pair of trousers underneath.

The main reason you buy winter riding breeches is their warming properties. However, you still want to move freely in them. They should be warm without being too bulky. Beyond that, however, there are a number of useful features that your thermal breeches should have. To ensure that you have a good grip in the saddle, they should at least have knee patches. A full seat is better, but also more expensive. The fabric used for winter riding breeches must be breathable, despite the lining. An overtrousers model should be easy to put on and take off. This is easiest to achieve with full-length zips on the legs. If you are going to ride outside with the thermal breeches, it is also nice if the material is windproof and at least water repellent. Some of the materials used for winter breeches also repel dust, horse hair and hay, reducing the need for frequent washing.

Before you wash your winter breeches, you must read the washing instructions. Most thermal breeches can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30°C, but this does not apply to every pair. Turn the breeches inside out to wash them. Do not use fabric softener. Never put the breeches in the tumble dryer. To dry them, lay them out on a flat surface, for example on a towel. Most types of  winter riding breeches cannot be ironed either. Many of the winter overtrousers can be cleaned with a wet cloth first, so you can wash them less frequently.

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