Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about payments:

There can be several reasons for this. Unfortunately this kind of information is sensitive and private, and Klarna is not allowed to share the reasons with us. You can call Klarna directly at 0808 189 3333 for more information. Typical reasons are unpaid invoices or the way you have written the address in the checkout.
Klarna will send you the invoice directly.
For Klarna related questions we kindly ask you to contact Klarna directly to get best possible support. You can find Klarna contact information here:
We dont have the access to Klarna invoices, so we kindly ask you to contact Klarna directly to get best possible support. You can find Klarna contact information here:

Common questions about ordering:

  1. First you will need to find the products you would like to order. Use the navigation to navigate into the right category.
  2. Once you are in the right category, you can click on the product you like to arrive to the product page.
  3. Once you click on add to cart, there is a mini pop up telling you what you have added to cart. On the mini pop up you can also choose if you want to continue shopping or go to checkout. If you want to buy more products, click on Continue Shopping. If you want to checkout and buy the product(s), click on Checkout.
  4. In the checkout you have to fill in your name, address and your preferred payment method and shipping method. Once these are correctly filled in, click on the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the page. You have now completed your order, and you will see an order confirmation and receive an order confirmation email.
Sometimes we have web only deals or discounts but in general normal priced items are sold with same price in web and the stores.
Unfortunately not. They will be handled as two separate orders.
Coupon codes can be applied in the coupon code field in the checkout. Some coupon codes cannot be combined with other discounts.
Contact us at and we will try to apply it to your order afterwards.
Yes it is possible to have a different delivery address. Just add your preferred delivery address in the checkout. Klarna Invoice is an exception, where due to security and fraud reasons, the delivery and billing addresses must be the same.
From it is only possible to deliver within the United Kingdom. Click on the flags in the footer to see additional countries we delivery to.
In some cases it is possible to change your order after you have placed it. Please note we cannot add products or change products that add to the order total. Please contact customer service for help with this at . NOTE: We aim to pack all orders as soon as possible, so we recommend contacting customer service at your earliest convenience.
If the order has not yet been shipped we can still change the delivery address. Please contact customer service for help at . NOTE: We aim to pack all orders as soon as possible, so we recommend contacting customer service at your earliest convenience.
On most of the products there is a size guide. You will find the link to the size guide on the product page. If you are still unsure don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Common questions about delivery:

It depends on when you order and which products you have in your shopping cart. The estimated delivery date is always shown in the checkout and on your confirmation email. Many brands have longer delivery time, which makes the delivery a bit slower, whereas Horze, BVertigo, Finn-Tack and Pharmacare products can be delivered very quick. You can always also take a look at our Horze shops and come buy your product there.

Normal delivery time is 2-5 working days.

For products with embroidery, delivery time is 4-6 working days.

For items we do not stock in our warehouse, delivery time is estimated to 4-9 working days. More information can be found on the product page.

You should have received an email with tracking code. Click on the link in that email and you will get up to date tracking information.

When you make an order in our web shop, you will receive an email order confirmation. We will start picking and packing your order and will ship it out from our warehouse within 24 hours. If the order includes products that have longer delivery time, we will first wait until those products have arrived into our warehouse. The extended delivery time is shown on every product page. You receive also an indiation of estimated delivery date in your order confirmation.

When we ship it out you will receive an email with the tracking code to track your order. When the order arrives to your local post office, you will get a notification with SMS or a letter. Remember to take with your identity card and the tracking code when you go pick up the order from the post office. Remember that the order must be picked up from the post office within 14 days to avoid a return.

Common questions about returns:

  • Login with your order confirmation number and email adress on, and register which items you want to return.
  • Print a return label from this address:
  • Follow the instructions on the return webpage and deliver the parcel to the nearest Royal Mail post office.

When you return your order to us it takes usually 1 week until we have fully processed it. Please contact our customer support if you have any questions about your return.

We advice you to have a tracking note for your return, in order to follow it up better in cases of lost parcels. We will only refund lost parcels against a tracking code.

Items ordered online can only be exchanged or returned with the online shop. Kindly follow the return instructions here (link to return info page) to register your return.
The money is refunded to the same payment method you used for purchasing.
This is very unfortunate but may sometimes happen. If the package is broken on the outside, do not sign for it at the post office. Please contact customer service with pictures and a description of what is broken for help.

Common questions about gift cards:

Search for gift card in search field or go straight to giftcard. Here you can choose amount and add it to your basket. Note that you cannot buy a gift card together with any other products.
When you go to your shopping basket you will be able to add the gift card number right after the product-overview.
You can add unlimited amount of gift-cards to one order.
If you add a gift card as payment for your order we will use all the money available on that gift card. If the order amount is higher than the available gift card balance you can pay the remaining amount with our normal payment methods.
If you return products that have been paid for with a gift card, we will refund money to the gift card. You will receive an email with the gift card details for this refund when we recieve your return.
You can use your gift card at and in our Horze shops. A gift card purchased on cannot be used abroad.
Yes - please contact our customer service by email Provide your name and the gift card number. If you have lost the gift card number please provide your email address that used to purchase the gift card or the sales order number stated at your order confirmation.
It is unfortunately not possible to pay for a gift card with a coupon code.

Common questions about other topics:

Click here, to see an overview of all our Horze shops and retailers.
In each newsletter there is a link "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the bottom right of the email. Click on the link to unsubscribe. You will receive email confirmation of your unsubscription.
Our web shop offers a different selection of certain brands than our Horze stores. If you would you like to check if a product is available in your local store, please take contact with the store. You find overview of our Horze stores here.

How can we help you? 

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