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Horse Tack & Horse Equipment

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Horse tack from saddles to bridles is offered in quality craftsmanship for every discipline. Horse equipment is offered to coordinate your look from halters to boots.

Choose a lovely new bridle with impeccable details and stitching to add elegance to your performance. The beautiful premium quality leather and workmanship from Horze is made to last and look stunning. Martingales, draw reins and other attachments are coordinated to match the bridles in the Horze collection. Reins in leather, rubber or web styles can be matched and swapped out as needed. Bits from Horze are exceptional quality and available for every discipline and are offered in a variety of sizes. Girths are offered in web, fleece or leather for simple casual all purpose riding or to match your dressage saddle and fit your horse correctly. Horze saddles are a great value for the beginning rider or for an extra option for lesson students or boarders. The simple all purpose design of affordable Horze saddles come with the quality of a higher end saddle at an unbeatable price. Replace stirrups and leathers with plenty of options at a great value.

Halters, blankets are more from the Horze collection are crafted from exceptional materials and offered at amazing prices to complete your tack room or horse’s wardrobe. Blankets for every season from early spring to bitter winter to protect from cold, rain or insects come in colours, sizes and styles for every need. Halters come in fun colours and patterns to match your horse’s blankets, saddle pads, hoods or protective boots. Choose reflective gear for safety to stay visible and make evening rides more relaxing. Horze provides all of the tack and equipment you need to make your riding experience enjoyable and fashionable.