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Weatherbeeta - Innovative, Comfortable and Durable

These three words play a big part in weatherproof 'clothing' for dogs and horses. As a pioneer in the industry, Weatherbeeta was one of the first to use synthetic materials for horse rugs. To ensure your pet is protected from all weather conditions, Weatherbeeta tests its products extensively in a wide range of climatic conditions and adjusts the fit to the horse's natural movement. For example, Weatherbeeta blankets have walking pleats or a particularly protective belly bib.

Weatherbeeta's experience, technology, quality and design have established the brand. Apart from the functionality and comfort of the equipment for horse, rider and dog, the fashion aspect also plays a role nowadays. In addition to classic, simple colours, Weatherbeeta also offers bright rainbow colours and fun prints. Weatherbeeta produces not only horse rugs and dog coats, but also saddle pads, over reach boots and horse boots.

Horse rugs from Weatherbeeta

The strong and durable materials with sealed seams provide waterproof protection while still ensuring breathability. At Weatherbeeta you will find lightweight turnout rugs, cooler rugs, stable rugs and exercise sheets. Of course, there are also fly hoods to match the Weatherbeeta fly rugs

The WeatherBeeta ComfiTec rugs are available in different designs to meet the requirements of both horse and environment. Different denier or ripstop designs have different levels of durability. Weatherbeeta rugs can be purchased without a neck piece, with a detachable neck piece (Detach-A-Neck) or with an integrated neck piece. The folds in the blankets offer your horse optimal freedom of movement. Furthermore, there are designs that are liner-compatible, so that you can easily turn your pasture rug into a warm winter rug. Reflective stripes ensure good visibility in the dark, which can be particularly useful with winter rugs.

Weatherbeeta for the dog

Weatherbeeta dog coats meet the highest quality and comfort standards for your beloved four-legged friend. Whether it's a reflective blanket, a dog coat with or without filling or a practical microfibre towel to dry off after a long bath, at Weatherbeeta you'll find exactly what you need for your dog.

Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec

The Weatherbeeta TherapyTec products promote blood circulation and support faster regeneration, thus reducing muscle soreness or pain, as well as swelling. In everyday life, the products mainly provide faster regeneration during recovery phases or support the warm-up phases at the beginning of training, while Therapy-Tec can support the healing process in case of injuries. Behind the Therapy-Tec products is a technology based on the properties of ceramics. Ceramic powder is incorporated into the textile lining and ensures that the horse's own body heat is reflected via infrared waves