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There is a Weatherbeeta rug for every horse

Weatherbeeta horse rugs are as unique as your horse. The Repel Shell design is made with Teflon coating to make these superior quality rugs nearly indestructible. This innovative technology will allow them to last for many seasons while looking like new. Some horses are determined to destroy their rugs at all costs and will do anything and everything to get out of them. Horses rubbing up against trees and fence posts or chasing each other and trying to take a nip can take a toll on the standard winter turnout rug. Weatherbeeta rugs are like suits of armour and will withstand even the roughest horseplay. The unique technology of Weatherbeeta fabrics allow them to be breathable and warm yet strong enough to survive playful kicks and romps in the field.

Safe and secure in Weatherbeeta horse rugs

If your horse prefers to escape its rug rather than shred it, the special design with easy-to-fasten closures and buckles can help keep the rug in place. These closures are simple to undo with human hands yet will foil even the sneakiest Houdini horse and keep the rug from slipping or becoming tangled. The padded, elastic leg straps and cross surcingles ensure the rug will not rotate. Front closures with buckles, simple snaps and bonus Velcro covers will keep the rug from opening and allowing drafts and cold wind to chill your horse. Most Weatherbeeta turnout rugs come with optional neck covers for full coverage from cold weather. When a sturdy, warm, weatherproof rug is what you need for cold weather turnout, a Weatherbeeta rug will be a smart choice.

ConfiTec rugs for ultimate cold weather protection

The ComfiTec line of rugs includes four choices: ComFiTec Ultra is the ultimate in cold weather protection and the best rug Weatherbeeta has ever created; ComFiTec Premier is a superior quality rug with a great fit, suitable for most horses; ComFiTec Plus is the affordable yet durable option in this line. Finally, the original ComFiTec rug includes all of the classic features of the original Weatherbeeta rug at a price for any budget.

Weatherbeeta turnout rugs

Weatherbeeta horse rugs allow horses to enjoy most weather conditions outdoors where they are naturally healthier. Proper protection from the elements can make all the difference between a happy, comfortable horse and a sad, miserable one. A turnout rug with a breathable yet waterproof shell is ideal. The lining of Weatherbeeta rugsis a soft polyester layer to help prevent rubbing and hair loss. Coats will stay shiny and smooth with this added fabric at the shoulder area. Thinsulate insulation allows warmth without too much bulk. Weatherbeeta rugs are known for their long gussets, big tail flaps and darts at the hips to allow plenty of range of motion and comfort while grazing or cantering around the field. Horses will enjoy plenty of cool weather exercise while staying protected from the cold with a Weatherbeeta.

Weatherbeeta for dogs

Weatherbeeta products are offered for dogs too and you can find a matching blanket for your pup to team up with his equine friend. Accessories such as shoulder guards (for even more shoulder coat protection), exercise boots, replacement straps and buckles and saddle pads are other items in the Weatherbeeta collection made from the same high standards and materials. Stable rugs from Weatherbeeta will complete your horse’s wardrobe with the same impeccable craftsmanship and a name you can trust.

Guaranteed to last

Weatherbeeta is so sure you will love these products that the hardware, waterproof qualities and breathability are guaranteed for 3 years. If any of these qualities fail in the first 3 years of use, Weatherbeeta will replace or repair them at no cost to you.

When you think of cold, foul or wet weather protection, think Weatherbeeta. Beat the winter blues this season and don’t fear the dropping temperatures. Embrace them!