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Women's Riding Tops & T-shirts

Women's Riding Tops & T-shirts

Equestrian shirts for competition are offered in styles and colors for every taste. Button up collars and lightweight breathable fabric make Horze riding shirts perfect for show or casual wear.
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Frequently asked questions about Tops & T-shirts

The answer to this question depends on whether you are looking for a show shirt or a more casual one. A show shirt should have a raised collar. In summer, a short-sleeved shirt is more comfortable, while in winter, you'll likely prefer a long-sleeved shirt for warmth. If you want to enter a dressage competition, the shirt should be white, at least in the visible area. Generally speaking, any shirts and polos that fit comfortably and don't restrict your movement are suitable for riding. Because you can sometimes sweat while riding, the material should be breathable. The polo shirt is actually the classic T-shirt for riding. It was created in India by polo players. The classic version is therefore made of pure cotton. It is machine washable at 40 ° C and can also be easily ironed, turned inside out. 

When riding, the base layer should be breathable and comfortable to wear, wick sweat away from the skin, and offer enough give to to follow the rider's movements. Merino wool with a hydrophilic finish feels very comfortable on the skin. It does not absorb sweat, but instead wicks moisture to the surface. Polyester is warm and keeps its shape. It also has sweat-wicking properties. Base layers made of polyester are very durable. An addition of elastane makes the top stretchy. However, this material is not environmentally friendly because it does not degrade. This also applies to polypropylene. This synthetic material is well suited for functional shirts because it's extremely moisture-wicking. As a result, the top is not likely to get wet and will dry quickly if it does.

You cannot ride in a polo shirt at a competition. You definitely need a shirt with a stand-up collar or a riding shirt. The rules are particularly strict for dressage competitions, but for other disciplines you have a little more freedom in your choice of clothing. At a dressage competition, the part of the top that is visible under the jacket should definitely be white. For the parts covered by the competition jacket, you are free to follow your own taste. However, you should not forget a few practical things. The top must fit in such a way that it does not interfere with your movement. The material should be breathable. At a tournament, you will sweat quickly enough as it is. In summer, a short-sleeved top is more comfortable to wear than a long-sleeved one. 

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