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Bridles are as varied as horse breeds, training methods and riding styles. Browse through the huge selection for both English and Western riding. We have everything from bitless bridles to Hackamore bridles and much more. 

Bridles for horses

Buying a bridle is not always straightforward. Although you will have most likely already decided on a riding style (i.e English or Western), choosing the right bridle will also depend on what is most suitable for you and your horse. Of course, you can use different bridles for different disciplines.

In traditional English riding bridles with a drop noseband are probably the most widespread. Also common are snaffle bridles. Grackle bridles with additional protection for the horse's sensitive nose area are also gaining in popularity. Bitless bridles are popular among leisure riders, dependent, of course, on skill level.

If you are a competition rider, your choice of bridle would depend on the classes in which you compete. 

Different factors determine the choice of the right horse bridles

Your riding ability and individual requirements of both you and your horse will also influence your bridle buying decisions. Of course, style and feel are also important. After all your bridle should match the colour and style of your saddle, your look and your horse. If you like sparkle and glitter, take a look at our choice of browbands with crystal accents. If you like a more understated look, you will also find traditional bridles with a more classic look. With such an extensive collection of bridles in stock, it's a good thing most riders end up owning several.