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Bridles & Nosebands

Bridles & Nosebands

Bridles come in styles and designs for every discipline. Choose from our wide selection of horse bridles for dressage, eventing, jumping and casual riding.
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Frequently asked questions about Bridles & Nosebands

A snaffle in technical jargon actually only refers to the mouthpiece, but colloquially is often used to refer to the complete bridle. The term "snaffle" is therefore used for the complete headpiece of the horse, which consists of the browband, neckpiece and cheekpieces, the bridle, i.e. the bit, throatlatch, browband and curb strap. Here a bridle with a wide noseband completes the set and all these pieces together form the snaffle.

The bridle itself can therefore be changed by different variations of the actual noseband, but the snaffle with its different parts is also absolutely necessary in order to be able to use the noseband at all.

Although, technically speaking, the snaffle only refers to the respective bit for the horse, colloquially the whole bridle is usually called a snaffle, we also refer to the snaffle as the bridle here. You can determine which snaffle is best for you for your horse by considering the different characteristics of the snaffles.

If your horse is a little sensitive around the head or if you want to treat him particularly gently, an anatomical bridle is recommended, which is specially adapted to the horse's head and provides extra comfort.

For horses with a sensitive nose bridge, a grackle bridle is ideal as it has extra padding on the bridge of the nose. Horses with short noses should be ridden with a normal double bridle. For large horses with a long nose bridge a Hanoverian bridle can also be used.

You have countless options of snaffles at your disposal, which you can use exactly according to your horse's needs.

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