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Accuhorsemat Accuhorsemat Cooler

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Colour: Blue
Blue Accuhorsemat Cooler
Size Chart
Height of the withers A Back length Rug size in CM B Rug size in inches (UK) B Rug size US
up to approx 90 65-80 cm 75 3'9'' 49'
up to approx 110 80-110 cm 85/95/105 4,3''/4'9''/5'0'' 52/53'/56/57'/60'
up to approx 130 110-130 cm 115/125 5'3''/5'6'' 63'/66'
up to approx 140 130-140 cm 130/135/140 5'9''/6'0''/6'3'' 69'/72'/75'
up to approx 165 140-160 cm 140/145/155 6'3''/6'6''/6'9'' 75'/78'/81'
up to approx 180 160-170 cm 155/165 6'9''/7'3'' 81'/84'

All measurements in the table are horse body measurements, not actual rug measurements. To obtain the rug size (EU), measure the horse’s back from the withers to the base of the tail in centimetres (A). Alternatively, to obtain the UK/US rug size in inches, measure from the horse’s chest to the rump (B).

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Whether you’re a horse owner, trainer, professional or pleasure rider there’s one thing we all have in common. We want to give our horse the best possible care. Because a horse in harmony enjoys a better life and performs better. Let your horse benefit from acupressure, an ancient treatment for relaxation, recovery and pain relief. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, acupressure uses pressure to stimulate the acupuncture points and meridians. You can almost see the effect of the acupressure as your horse will seemingly relax from the pressure of the acupuncture roses. It increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and releases beneficial endorphins. The model "Accuhorsemat Cooler" is a 2-in-1 blanket that is perfect for a warmer climate or summer, as the light mesh blanket is extremely breathable. Without the acupressure mats, the Accuhorsemat Cooler is a comfortable sweat blanket. Perfect after a training session, a competition or during transport. The front closure enables individual adjustment. The acupressur blanket has three hook and loop fasteners for the acupressur mats: 1. The shoulder area The acupressure mats on the shoulders stimulate many of the horse’s meridians, including in the musculature of the front quarters. The mats can be moved to fit your particular horse. 2. The back area The back is one of the horse’s most exposed muscle groups. Placing the acupressure mats on the back stimulates the musculature and the fascia surrounding it and helps the horse to relax and recover. You can use the acupressur mats from the shoulder as well as for the back. 3. The loin – and croup area The horse’s most important meridians are affected by the acupressure points in the loin and croup area. The largest of the three acupressure mats is positioned here, with the majority of the rug’s total 11,000 acupressure points. Size: S (110-125), M (130-145), L (155) Colour: blue Material: Blanket Polycotton; Acupressure mats ecofriendly TPE Blanket: Accuhorsemat Cooler comes with one blanket, two small acupressure mats for the shoulder or the back area, one big acupressur mat for the croup area and a bag for transportation.

Washing instructions:

The rug (without the acupressure mats) can be machine washed, 40° C. The acupressure mats can simply be rinsed off and hang to dry. Both are not suitable for the tumble dryer.

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