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Haukeschmidt Ladies Finest riding gloves

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Haukeschmidt Ladies Finest riding gloves


Palmhand of Pittards Oil Tac leather- Pittards Oil Tac technology has been specially engineered to enhance the grip characteristics of the leather in all conditions whether they be wet or dry.- Specialised polymer rise to the surface when it is needed to replenish and maintain grip- Pittards provide extreme flexibility and dexterity for overall comfort despite to the addition of tackifying agents and ensure a perfect fit.- The leather has been specially treated to prevent the absorption of moisture, including sweat, into the glove and thereby protect the fibre structure from the detrimental effect of perspiration. The leather retains its softness and feel, even after repeated use.- A special tannage offers an improved ability to resist moisture generated by rain, humidity or working conditions and greater insulation to protect the hands in all weather conditions.Backhand of finest soft sheep leather- Innovative finishing treatments of the leather maintain supreme wearers comfort even at highest strain. Due to the characteristics of the leather this glove is perfect for professional use.

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Haukeschmidt ladies finest leather gloves

Experiencing problems with customer service. After getting overcharged no refund offered.

Hauke Schmidt ladies finest gloves

I'm extremely fussy about my gloves, I like a good fit, well shaped fingers which allow feel, they have to be hard wearing but thin enough for me to adjust straps without removing them & if they look smart too then that's a bonus, the two-tone colour is very smart. I use gloves every day & ride at least 2 horses so my gloves do get thoroughly tested. These gloves have all of this !! I absolutely LOVE them, so much so I have ordered another pair !! They're worth every penny but the icing on the cake is that they were on offer when I bought mine

Haukeschmidt ladies finest leather gloves

Absolutely beautifull gloves, soft leather, good fit, lovely style. Just experienced a mix up on receiving my 2nd pair, but good communication on raising my query and should be here with me soon. PROBABLY MY FAVORITE GLOVES EVER. and I'm a glove fanatic.

Haukeschmidt Ladies Finest riding gloves

These gloves are expensive but are absolutely stunning. The feel when riding is amazing, they have a wax like treatment which gives the best grip ever.

Haukeschmidt ladies finest leather gloves

Whilst my first review was good and mentioned a problem in recieving my second pair, the problem is now getting worse as I have been overcharged and don't seem to be getting my money back. Julia on customer services is not replying to Emails.It looks like my gloves will be twice the price I thought I was paying Or do I just send them back and have to stand the cost of postage for a return and hope I get my refund that way but I still will be down a pair of gloves.

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