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LeMieux LeMieux Gel-Tek Anatomic Short Stud Girth with Magnet

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Colour: Black
Black LeMieux Gel-Tek Anatomic Short Stud Girth with Magnet
Brown LeMieux Gel-Tek Anatomic Short Stud Girth with Magnet
Size Chart
Size EU US & UK
40 40 cm 16"
45 45 cm 18"
50 50 cm 20"
55 55 cm 22"
60 60 cm 24"
65 65 cm 26"
70 70 cm 28"
80 80 cm 32"
90 90 cm 36"
100 100 cm 40"
110 110 cm 44"
120 120 cm 48"
130 130 cm 52"
140 140 cm 56"
150 150 cm 60"

Girths are measured from center of buckle to center of buckle.

To measure the length of the girth you need, start with placing the saddle pad and saddle on the horse. Using a tape measure, measure the distance from the middle billet hole on one side of the saddle to the same position on the other side. The tape should be placed about one hand’s width behind the horse’s elbow. This measurement equals the size of the girth. As saddles have different sizes and strap lengths, it may be necessary to measure for a new girth if you change your saddle.

To switch between short (dressage) and long girths, add or subtract about 20 inches (51 cm) respectively.

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The anatomically shaped Gel-Tek Anatomic Short Stud Girth is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection to the horse during riding. It features gel impregnated pockets on the leading edge that allow the muscles to move freely, resulting in improved stride and less restricted movement of the front legs. The girth also has thinner, tapered ends that evenly distribute pressure at the edge, preventing chafing and ensuring the horse's comfort. To enhance protection, the girth features a low profile strike area that shields the horse from studs. The girth is also equipped with an integrated clip for easy attachment of draw reins, breastplates or martingales. D-rings allow for optional attachments, while a magnetic flap provides a neat finish to the integrated clip. Overall, this girth is a practical and comfortable option for horses and riders who prioritise protection and mobility during riding.

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