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Horze Fly Cover for Nose

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Horze Fly Cover for Nose


No more pesky flies while you ride with this simple nose mask.

Keep biting flies from bothering your horse while he grazes with this easy-to-attach fly mask for the muzzle. This cover attaches with hook-and-loop fasteners and can be worn while riding as well.


  • Muzzle fly mask
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners

Technical description:

Material: 100% polyester.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash at 40°C.

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I get my mask mask right now, and the picture is absolutely not in agreement with the product. I have already ordered several times on your site, but never had the slightest disappointment. Here, the fabric, its weaving, is not even the same. It's too big, shapeless, really disappointing .. I'm looking at the photo illustration, and I do not even understand where the kinds of tiles that we see on the fabric come from, when I compare to what I've in hand ... in short, very bad, I'll pay more attention next time. Plus, as I said, he's really very, very tall, and yet my horse has a big head. Photos to come


Sufficiently big and fulfills its purpose. Seat firmly on the halter so that the coupling is no problem with the nose protector. I am happy.

Great Product

This one I have been incredibly pleased with. I had to get the horse in early from summer pasture when she was sunburned on the mule, then I have used this here as protection and the wound has healed completely pain free. It holds well and can withstand a lot. The horse he perfectly fine both eating and drinking with this one on. Fight happy!

Mrs King

I use this fly net on my pony's bridle for ridden work. She is very sensitive to flies and pollen and standard nose nets have always annoyed her by moving around. This net is sturdy enough to stay fixed away from her nose and has made an enormous difference to her ridden work and happiness.

Nose flap sizing

If you have a finer headed/muzzle horse, order the Pony size. The Horse size was way to wide and long for my Arab, Morgan or Saddlebred. the Pony size fit fine. As I have only been using it for one week, I can not attest to its durability as of yet. The last brand used wore out through the binding and then subsequently frayed out until it was too short to provide coverage. It was twice the price of this item as well. I am trying it on my white muzzled horses to act as a sun screen. Hopefully the mesh will be opaque enough to work in that application.

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