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ProtectoSoft back protection vest for children

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ProtectoSoft back protection vest for children
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ProtectoSoft back protection vest for children



  • Especially lightweight back protection, worn like a vest, for children and adults
  • Back protection padding made from multi-layer high density foam which adapts perfectly to the shape of the body
  • Developed for motorcycle sport as per EN 1621-2
  • Thanks to its minimal material thickness, ProtectoSoft can be worn comfortably under any jacket
  • Extremely elastic and breathable fabric moves with you
  • Additional fastening with elastic belt

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Otherwise good quality, but the back armor was really thick and stumpy. At least the children were quite small in size.

Comfy and light - Perfect if you don't like full body protectors!

I couldn't find a good review of this product before I bought it, so wanted to give some full feedback for everyone else... Since a bad riding accident left me with back problems 20 years ago, I won't normally get on a horse without wearing a full body protector. I bought this back protection vest in 2018 before going on a riding holiday to Spain, as I was going to be far too hot in 30+ degree heat to comfortably wear a full body protector every day. I have to say it was amazing, and I know that some of the people I met while I was there have since gone out and bought it for themselves. I completely forgot that I was wearing it, despite the heat. Obviously I do have to point out that there is no front or side protection with this vest and you will not get quite the same level of protection as a full level 3 body protector, but you will at least get some back and spine protection (the technology used was originally designed for motocross). I would still advise wearing a full body protector for higher-risk activites like jumping etc, and it is not permitted for x-country, so you will need a full body protector if that is what you were looking at. I would especially recommend it if you are the kind of person who isn't likely to bother with a body protector for general riding or show jumping, but feel in the back of your mind that you probably should. If this is you, then you should definitely get this. It is so light and comfy you will forget you are wearing it. It is flexible and bends with you. The back support is removable from the outer fabric and I have put mine through the wash on a number of occassions. It certainly isn't restricting in the way that I find a standard body protector to be, but you will at least still give you some protection for the back. As the padding it is only on the back, it is not bulky on the front/sides/shoulders. It is therefore very easy to wear under a coat or show jacket, without being particularly obvious. I have used it under my regular show jacket for a dressage test and didn't feel chunky. I am now getting them for my children, and as these vests don't get in the way at all, they will have no issues doing vaulting mounts to get onto the ponies wearing these, which they struggle to do with a standard body protector. They also don't feel out of place wearing them for jumping or pony clubs at local shows, when they don't like the appearance of a full body protector with their show jacket. The fit... I am only 5'3, and did find it borderline between being ok and being slightly on the long side. In the end I decided it was okay for me. The front section is mesh-like and is elasticated (and breathable). I am slightly overweight and quite on the curvy side and it fits fine for me, so if you are either slender or a 'normal curvy' shape like I am, it should fit perfectly well. Please be aware that if you are a lot on the larger side around the middle, you may struggle to do up the zip on the front. I would recommend this b.p.vest, especially for general riding, or wearing under/over a show jacket when you might not want to wear a a full b.p. My original back injury happened when the horse slipped on an allweather surface, at a riding school, when only doing a trot. Accidents can happen at any time, and your spine is so important. Whether you get this product or not, I hope this review has helped, sorry it was so long!

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