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Horze Double-Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle

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Horze Double-Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle


Add comfort to your horse's mouth with this gentle double-jointed snaffle.

A gentle center double-jointed snaffle is an ordinary bit that stimulates the horse without the nutcracker effect of the single-jointed snaffle. The double-jointed mouthpiece gives control without pain. Made of smooth, polished stainless steel.


  • More gentle on the mouth than single jointed snaffles
  • Ideal for dressage work
  • Encourages relaxation
  • Stainless steel

Technical description:

Thickness: 14mm ( 0.5 in.) Rings: 65mm (2.5 in.).

Washing instructions:

Always wash a bit after each ride. Remove from bridle and soak in hot water. Use small brush to remove residue. Dry with clean towel.

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Good value for money

This bit is very good quality, stainless and easily washable. Do not pinch the commissure. Cheap and very practical.


The bite is really nice and works well on my arabic that it is so thin :) However, it is difficult to clean because the dirt settles in the rings where there is a split; (The rings to put the reins in are pretty big too: bite at a really good price :)


this bit is fabulous! My very picky mare goes in a jp korsteel bit $$$- I wanted one for the new pony, but decided to try this, since it looks similar. It is almost exactly the same bit, just a different color! Pony loves it, trainer loves it, I love the price!

Comfortable bit

This bit is very nice. Great quality, great price. My horse doesn't fuss with it in his mouth at all.. seems like the center link is nice and smooth and comfortable for him.

Great value for money!

Have the bit for my Arab gelding and he is doing great with it. Highly recommended and also for a great price!

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