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Spooks offers high quality functional competition and casual clothing featuring innovative materials, stylish details and trend-setting colours. Spooks is one of the leading equestrian brands in Germany and known all over the world
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Frequently asked questions about Spooks

Spooks offers high-quality riding and leisure wear for men and women as well as accessories, equestrian equipment, and horse and dog gifts. You can find great deals in the Spooks Sale section of the Horze online shop. Spooks equestrian wear is known for combining innovative materials with the latest colours and attention to detail. This is how the Spooks label has become internationally famous for both style and functionality. Founded in 2008 in Odenthal, the company focuses entirely on developing, producing and distributing its own brand of equestrian and related products. This is done via online shops and, as well as offline at trade fairs, equestrian events and specialist retailers.

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